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Dear eMule Users, the new eMule version 0.49b rises to please your p2p experience.

Besides quite a number of bugfixes, and several small changes and additions there are also some bigger features.

eMule 0.49b brings you:

  • Major Kad protocol improvements, like kad obfuscation, better NAT handling, direct callbacks, flood protections, etc.
  • Several changes to the message system to get rid of spammers (by Captchas) and stay in touch with friends with dynamic IPs
  • Several GUI improvements like storing searches between eMule sessions, a searchfilter for shared files and easier access to the comment filter
  • And as always fixing bugs and adding other small changes

For all the details, check out the complete changelog below!

Download the new eMule client - and have fun

eMule 0.48a brings you:

  • First step torwards Vista by fixing most glitches and problems Vista had with eMule and by this also support of multi user installations (for all OSs)
  • Support for UPnP
  • A spam filter for search results
  • Several GUI improvments like smiley support for IRC and messages , nicer file tooltips and so on
  • And as always fixing several bugs and adding other small changes
  • enhanced search capabilities
  • Search the Usenet
  • improved and fixed proxy support
  • support for new serverside features and optimizations (e.g. filerating support fpr ed2k servers)
  • further bugfixing and improvements